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Natural Texas Cedar Clearing

Overtime, this Welsh Pony breeding ranch of 40 acres was reduced to 10 acres of useable land and unmanaged 30 acres were invaded by Huisache, Cedar and other trees and brush. The trees and brush shaded out native grasses and Texas flowers and the growing ranch needed increased pasture land. Natural Texas forestry mowed Huisache to promote pasture grasses (for hay) leaving some to shade horses. We cleaned out fence line around house by hand then mowing debris. The results opened view from windows for house bound land-owner to the see her beloved horses and for her to enjoy them through the day. Her Welsh ponies are more like the big Labrador dog retriever.

Seeing the native grasses and wildflowers bring joy to the owners and the love they who we enhanced the property to reveal the native beautiful landscape. Another bonus came when large, mostly dead trees near the ranch house were removed or pruned. Our selective land clearing and tree work coupled with recent rain promise a beautiful spring after a long winter.

Natural Texas Dead Tree Removal

Ten acres were purchased close to Lexington and the accessibility was by foot because of dense cedar trees, brush and small trees. The property needed the fence line cleared for the fence builders and to prepare for the construction of a barn/condo and log home. The Natural Texas forestry mower mowed the property line and selective area of the interior so that the construction could proceed. Buy removing the cedar trees, the home and barn buildings were easily surveyed and the land was carefully cleared to provide accessibility for the fence builders.

The shaded fuel break (areas mowed) with areas left as is (natural) provide wildlife shelter and food, and vistas from porch. In addition we provided privacy from the neighbor, a mile long nature hiking trail. The owner, also a hunter was now able to hunt for deer from the front porch, if he wanted to and as an added bonus, we provided a rapid, low cost, low impact driveway and entrance to the property.

The land owner got instant accessibility and understanding of the property which results in good planning for years to come. This is in keeping with Natural Texas clearing Texas land naturally.

Creating Firebreaks and Fence Line Lanes

Using a forestry mulcher to remove brush and trees and slash to create firebreaks and or fence lines to reduce the dangers of forest fires. This is the most effecient way to remove cedar trees, small trees, ladder fuel and other debris that adds to burnable materials that create the danger of an uncontrollable forest fire. It is the best way to mechanically complete a project like this while under a burn ban because there won't be any brush piles to burn or remove.

Cedar Removal Using a Rayco Forestry Mulcher (Mower)

Rayco Forestry mulcher is a purpose-built machine designed to work in the woods day in and day out clearing trees and brush. These mulchers are suited for clearing small trees, underbrush, and a variety of unwanted vegetation over a wide range of ground conditions. The mulch created from removing brush and trees, left onsite. The mulch will help hold the ground soil in place during rains preventing unwanted and damaging soil erosion and creating needed ground cover. The layer of mulch also retains moisture and improves soil quality, promoting the germination of native grasses.

Selectively Remove Trees and Brush Safely and Efficiently

Selectively remove the brush and trees you want to open up paths, roads and trails and provide light to much needed grasses and flowers. The forestry mower does not disturb the soil like a bull dozer or bobcat that has to push the trees over, exposing the root balls and leaving large areas of soil disturbed. Our expert arborists drive the forestry mower and can help provide advice about which trees and plants to save and which to remove to enhance the property.

Natural Tree and Brush Removal with a Forestry Mower

See the forestry mower selectively and carefully remove dead cedar trees while leaving the trees next to them unharmed. The trees are turned to mulch which add organic matter to the ground soil and help retain moisture. Large areas of cedar and brush can be removed without creating large brush piles that have to be hauled out, burned or left on site.

Forestry Mower At Mary Moore Searight Park

Rosie and Claire of the Austin Parks Foundation visit Carl Brockman of Natural Texas out working on a new trail at Mary Moore Searight Park in South Austin. Carl is a certified arborist and is using a forestry mower to cut a trail through dense cedar breaks (ashe juniper trees) The mower grind up the trees as mulch on site (vs. chainsawing and chipping) and has a low impact footprint on the ground (low weight displacement.

 Forest and Land Management

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Our place has been sculpted by a true naturalist and professional. I cannot say enough nice things about Carl and Natural Texas and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the look and the health of their property.

Robert CordesPaige, Texas
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We have been using Texas Natural / Trees Unlimited since 2015. Carl, Jose and Rocky do awesome work! They work very well together and are very sensitive to a landowners needs and wants, no matter how eclectic. We love to have them work for us. They even follow some of our weirdness. We want persimmon and Agarita plants left alone. They know we like old growth Cedar and all other trees are to be cared for. In our case, much of our land was hopelessly overgrown with cedar. Selective clearing has provided an AMAZING transformation of the area. The guys have made several trails for us providing access to land that was previously impassable. Opened up pastures to usable area for grazing. One area they call the football field. Their work has allowed us to enjoy our place even more! The last trip for them is a newer machine and seems do much more than the original machine of 2015. We love being allowed to work with them! Rocky has taught us ways to help work more efficiency. We are still learning things. We catch ourselves planning their next visit before they're done with the current one. We really look forward to them coming out and opening our place up for us to enjoy. We gladly give Texas Natural our highest recommendation! The Hotmann's Craig and Maryann

Craig & Maryann HottmanLand Steward
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