He and his crew not only transformed our property, but he educated us about how to care for the land ourselves. our places has been ‘sculpted’ by a true naturalist and professional. I cannot say enough nice things about Carl and Natural Texas and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the health of their property.
          -Lessa Reese (Page, TX)

I am writing on behalf of Carl Brockman, who performed land clearing for Blackcapped Vireo habitat restoration for Travis County in 2004. Mr. Brockman proved to be very professional and demonstrated a great deal of expertise, care, and concern during all phases of the project. His understanding of native vegetation and our ultimate goal was paramount in allowing him to often work unsupervised. I strongly recommend his services for habitat restoration or manipulation.
          -Paul Fushille (Travis County TNR)

Wow! Your work is absolutely beautiful. You and your crew have truly over-delivered. In the coming weeks, I will get out to Camp Bowie to GPS the boundaries of your work to get a cost per acre estimate as reference for future contracts. We need your expertise, especially when conducting brush management in sensitive areas. Thank you so much for making this, one of my first completed contracts, a HUGE success.
          -John Lindsey (Camp Bowie)

Thank you so much for the terrific job that you and your crew did in clearing the trees around my house last week. Things look nicer now than they have in years. Next time I need some tree work, you’re at the top of my list!
          -Chandier Stolp (Austin, TX)

You and your crew did a wonderful job clearing and mulching at my place near McDade last winter. The woods were very overgrown after decades of neglect. In three days work, you and your crew removed a huge amount of brush and ‘fire ladders’, making a vast improvement for wildlife and fire safety. You listened to my requests but made numerous suggestions how to improve plans that I had made, with the result of more benefits for wildlife and more beauty to appreciate. I was astonished how you guys could work fast and accomplish a lot with the big forestry mower, yet leave unscathed even small bushes we wanted to save. You taught me a lot about taking care of the place and the new pathways and pocket meadows have been a joy for me and my family. I’m looking forward to having you do more this year. Let me mention all of our interactions were very professional, your team came when you said they would, and I can’t think of anything to complain about. I recommended you to my neighbors and I’m happy to answer any questions about your work.
          -Dave Naumann (McDade, TX)

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Barrett M.
Barrett M.
Carl and his crew were excellent!!!! They took very good care of me and my girlfriend and listen to what we liked as well as added plenty of knowledge about every tree and shrub on the property. Carl knew just what to get rid of and what to keep. They were always on time and with a smile . I would recommend this person over anyone any day of the week..
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B.
I cannot say enough great things about Carl and his team: Rocky and Jose. Let me start by saying how I chose to go with Natural Texas. We just moved into a neighborhood with acreage lots and I was looking for a company to come and clear our 2 acre lot of cedars and tall brush. I literally interviewed and got bids from 7 different companies. Carl was the fourth guy I spoke with and I was instantly aware of how different he was from the others. He didn’t want to just come in and clear out everything, but take note of what was there and what could be left for wildlife. He pointed out all of the native Texas plants on our property and told me about all the ways wildlife could enjoy it. I was totally on board! My only holdup was the idea of his daily rate. I was worried that could add up quickly if they couldn’t do the job in the time he estimated (he said just 2 days but others quotes me 4-7 days). They came in and started working just before 8am and left before 3pm both days. Not only did they clear out a majority of the cedar trees and brush, but they also worked with me to create several little special places on our land. For instance, one live oak tree is still surrounded by cedars but the ones closer to it were cleared out so the oak tree is centered in the middle of it’s own little hideaway cove. No one else pointed this out to me but Carl had this idea from the start. Rocky and Jose gave me the option of taking those cedars out too but once I saw how neat that little area was I absolutely wanted to keep it. My kids say that’s their favorite part of the yard now! So excited to have more beautiful usable space all over our property and to see it really come to life this spring. They also pruned a few of our oak trees closer to the house for us, and kept a few lower limbs for the kids to hang on. Love how much care they took with us and how they really helped us to transform our land. Don’t let the lack of reviews deter you from trying them out! You won’t be disappointed with Natural TX!