Restoring Texas land naturally

A Multifaceted Approach

multifaceted approach to land restoration

In the photo above is one of the 5 entrances to a 3-mile tree-canopied trail for equestrians, hikers and ATV enthusiasts. The trail connects two water creek sheds, provides access for fence maintenance and doubles as a defense space for the fire fighters in the event of a fire.

Twenty acres of forest with brush and small trees were modified for wildlife habitat as well as for wildlife viewing. Several deer stands, deer feeders and food plots are within.

Equestrians have jumps and small creeks to ford, narrow allies of yaupons, red cedars to admire with diameters as big as dinner tables and cathedral like spaces held up by 100+ feet tall pin oaks. All within a three mile hike or ride!

This property is in Bellville, Texas. In the center is an overall map of the property showing trails, wildlife management areas, etc. that we created. 

This entry point to the trail starts at the house.

Along the fenceline, we created a firebreak.

Here we left some dead trees for wildlife habitat management and habitat.

A shady wooded trail.

Long evening shadows create drama on this pasture trail.

This food plot will be an attraction for wildlife.

This alley is bordered by yaupon holly.

This tall pin oak serves as an impressive landmark.

This is a feeder by the creek.

This giant cedar tree by the fenceline remains.

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