Prescribed Burning

What is a Prescribed Burn?

A prescribed burn, or controlled burn, is a planned fire that is used to meet certain management objectives. It is often used to get rid of debris while also allowing plants more access to sunlight. It also helps manage invasive species and increase biodiversity. Prescribed fire is one of the most important tools used for restoring fire-adapted landscapes as it helps create various diverse habitats for plants and animals. Most importantly, it can also be used to prevent a more destructive fire by reducing fuels. A prescription includes a set of prerequisites that take into consideration various factors, such as favorable weather conditions, the safety of the public.

Natural Texas specializes in using a forestry mower to cut firebreaks, shaded fuel breaks, with Defensible space around houses, roads and real property. We are arborist that have been working in Urban areas since 1981. We include special attention to points of interest that should be treated as real property. Meaning it has value more than just reducing fuel loads and should be treated as such. Local burn bosses can then modify their prescribed fire to insure their survival. Together we all can make a special home place. It does not have to be ugly!

Hire Prescribed Burn Contractors in Texas

Natural Texas has been providing prescribed burning services for clients fearful of fire. Since 1981 we have been mulching brush and small trees of overgrown prairie, and thinning the under story brush and small trees from woodland. Clearing land without the fire. No Piles No Burning. Mulch recycles into nutrients for the soil. What is there not to like?

Natural Texas: For the Best Prescribed Burning Services

Forestry mulching will benefit your land by removing debris, mulching invasive species, removing fuel, and more. It is a way of improving the health of their landscape. It also changes the fuel oxygen ratio (less oxygen, less aggressive?)of a wildfire. Because like an urban lawn mower shreds the tall grass the forestry mower shreds brush and small trees and both fall to the ground in a layer. Later a prescribed fire is cooled down with less than a catastrophic fuel load.

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