Mechanical Brush Removal

Protect Your Native Land from Native and Nonnative Invasive Plants With Mechanical Brush Removal

Are you worried about you’re land being covered up by native and invasive brush and small trees? You are not alone. It has been a problem for hundreds of thousand years!

Today we use mechanical forestry services (mowing/mulching) followed by prescribed fire to manage instead of natural and man made fire.

You use these techniques every 3-7 years for best effect like the routine of mowing an urban lawn they both preserve.

We are land clearing practitioner with more than 40 years of experience who have utilize our valuable knowledge to landowners all over Central Texas.

Whether you want to protect your native land for the purpose of rearing livestock, hunting, or nurturing wildlife, and recreation (or all of the above) it is in tune with our motive of managing natural land to preserve it for the benefit of all. We are more than willing to share our expertise in brush removal Austin Texas to help you.

Save Cost With Affordable Brush Clearing Austin TX

Mechanical brush removal has often been cited to be expensive, but the opposite is true in our case. As much as it is a profession for us, our land restoration and preservation service (stewardship practices) is an outcome of a genuine interest in protecting our environment and keeping the Central Texas ecosystem balanced.

Our love for the land is what motivates us to perform our service with vigor and a great sense of pride and responsibility, as well as keep our prices affordable daily rate so that we can help as many land steward clients while leaving our mark in preserving the natural state of Native Lands in Texas.

Our commitment comes through in our work and we have satisfied clients repeatedly by the value we put in our service of mechanical brush removal in Texas.

Choose From a Variety of Top-Notch Mechanical Tools For Brush Removal Austin Texas

Have you been dissatisfied with the result of other services because of the unique nature of your native land?

We approach land by taking into account every feature that characterizes it.

We have a wide range of skills to choose from depending on the nature of the land as well as the type of undesirable vegetation that needs to be cleared.

Whether your land is plagued with overgrown brush and small trees in your woodland, prairie, or stream banks, we will implement the right tool and technique skill to deliver your desired brush clearing in Austin TX.

Why Choose Natural Texas?

We’ve been serving Texas Land Stewards Since 1981 as a tree service and land clearing practitioner, and there is no greater duty for us than to help protect our precious natural land resource while providing solutions to the land management needs of owners. By enlisting our mechanical brush removal service, you will not only get the outcome you want but also add value to your land. Partner with Natural Texas to continue restoring and preserving the native plants, trees, and wildlife of Texas.