Lexington, Texas

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Creating Visibility and Accessibility

We were presented with a list of requirements.  We determined that the principal needs of the property owner were visibility and accessibility.  Here are the problems and how we solved them and the additional benefits that were gained in the process.


Old driveway was overgrown.
Property was not accessible.
Visibility was not good enough to locate site for future barn/condo and log home.
Fence crew needed access to build fence.  
Owner wanted to view property from future log home and barn/condo and navigate about on his ATV.


Forestry mowed property line for fence building crew and ATV traffic.
Privacy barrier of trees was maintained along front fence with trail close by.
Forestry mowed a shaded fuel break in interior to provide access and visibility for land owner to locate pad site for barn/condo and log home.
Shaded fuel break was enlarged to provide visibility from log home and barn/condo.
Brush screen was left to conceal neighbor house.


A new trail from rear property to log home area revealed interesting terrain and an extra large pine tree.
The area under the pine tree was cleared and became a picnic destination at lunch time. 
A new entrance and driveway was cleared within the shaded fuel break.
Large areas were left natural for budget constraints. However, more than enough was opened up for viewing pleasure and ATV rides.
Even a location for deer hunting was provided (part of trail was enlarged.)

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