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Quebe Farm in Brenham, Texas

Quebe Farm in Brenham, Texas is one of my favorite properties to visit. It is Texas natural beauty at its finest, and the owner Charlotte von Rosenberg has made a true commitment to the land. She is a celebrated and award-winning (Land Steward of the Year) naturalist and conservationist. Natural Texas and Quebe Farm have worked together over the past 13 years to return the land to its most natural state, encouraging the restoration of wildlife habitats and native plant species. I really feel proud to have had the privilege to be a part of this project.

Together, Natural Texas and Quebe Farm took the over grassed pasture and overgrown woodland and riparian areas, and encouraged the native plants and trees to thrive. And thrive it has done! The land has become an ecological jewel in the heart of the Texas Pineywoods. Throughout the years, Natural Texas has handled the heavy lifting such as forestry mowing, while Charlotte has worked to encourage the native plants to populate the land. I do not pretend to be a botanist, that’s all Charlotte!

The Quebe Farm project has been a true team effort. Charlotte understands completely what it takes to manage land in the most natural and responsible way possible. I always enjoy visiting Quebe Farm, and I can’t wait until my next trip back. It’s a place to be one with nature and enjoy a slice of land that God has blessed us with.

The land is for all to enjoy. We must respect it and manage it sustainably.

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Thank you so much for the terrific job that you and your crew did in clearing the trees around my house last week. Things look nicer now than they have in years. Next time I need some tree work! You are at the top of my list.

Chandier StolpAustin, Texas
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Believe it or not, the clearing that you helped me with has been holding well. I have had it shredded a couple of times and the grass is really taking hold. Now have about 20 good sized pecan trees beginning to branch out as they now have access to sun and space. Looks like a well kept orchard. Thank you again for a great job and for staying in touch. May all your jobs turn out as well as mine did. Jim.

Sommerville, Texasread more