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At Natural Texas, the majority of the work we do for our clients are landowners who have purchased rural property as an investment, a weekend getaway or as a smog-free place for their kids to grow up. A large number of these clients inherited the problem of years of neglect of the land but were determined to revive it. That’s where we stepped in helping our clients get their property on the road to recovery. We worked with them and their plan to help them manage the land for wildlife, create water catchment, prairie and woodlands preservation. Natural Texas works hand-in-hand with clients to not only care for the land, but teach land stewardship to them as well.

A truly holistic approach is required for the management and stewardship of rural properties. We began by exploring the layout of the land. Where are the big trees? The meadows? The streams and riparian areas? We selectively cleared out the invasive shrubs and trees, and by reading the land, do what is necessary to keep the right grasses, flowers, native shrubs and trees thriving. We see the interdependence of the environment, and we honor nature by taking care of it.

Your fence line, pastures, woodlands and riparian areas will become a part of your family. The native peoples of North, South and Central felt this type of closeness to the earth. We must get back to their traditions of reverence for the land.

We believe that each property is a mosaic of individual plants, trees and animals living collectively. Maintaining and improving the balance of that delicate mosaic is our number one priority.

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Dear Land Steward, We have utilized the services of Carl Brockman and his Natural Texas crew several times in the past (since 2016). Their most recent visit to our property was in May of 2019 and we highly recommend them to anyone. As we work to “restore, improve and preserve native habitat” for wildlife, Carl's selective approach to land clearing has provided us with truly remarkable results. For our purposes, the clearing and trail making process involves removing excessive yaupon in the understory of our wooded areas but yet leaving the more desirable flora that provides important wildlife habitat. The coarse mulch that is produced by the forestry machine helps to minimize soil erosion and then provides nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.  Carl has evidently passed along a great deal of his knowledge to his crew. After their initial visit several years ago and having seen the results of their work, we are confident in their ability to work independently of our direct supervision.

Amy & John WatkinsLand Steward
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Wow! Your work is absolutely beautiful. You and your crew have truly over-delivered. ln the coming weeks, l will get out to Camp Bowie to GPS the boundaries of your work to get a cost per acre estimate as reference for future contracts. We need your expertise, especially when conducting brush management in sensitive areas. Thank you so much for making this, one of my first completed contracts, a HUGE success.

John LindseyCamp Bowie
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