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At Natural Texas, the majority of the work we do for our clients are landowners who have purchased rural property as an investment, a weekend getaway or as a smog-free place for their kids to grow up. A large number of these clients inherited the problem of years of neglect of the land but were determined to revive it. That’s where we stepped in helping our clients get their property on the road to recovery. We worked with them and their plan to help them manage the land for wildlife, create water catchment, prairie and woodlands preservation. Natural Texas works hand-in-hand with clients to not only care for the land, but teach land stewardship to them as well.

A truly holistic approach is required for the management and stewardship of rural properties. We began by exploring the layout of the land. Where are the big trees? The meadows? The streams and riparian areas? We selectively cleared out the invasive shrubs and trees, and by reading the land, do what is necessary to keep the right grasses, flowers, native shrubs and trees thriving. We see the interdependence of the environment, and we honor nature by taking care of it.

Your fence line, pastures, woodlands and riparian areas will become a part of your family. The native peoples of North, South and Central felt this type of closeness to the earth. We must get back to their traditions of reverence for the land.

We believe that each property is a mosaic of individual plants, trees and animals living collectively. Maintaining and improving the balance of that delicate mosaic is our number one priority.

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We have been using Texas Natural / Trees Unlimited since 2015. Carl, Jose and Rocky do awesome work! They work very well together and are very sensitive to a landowners needs and wants, no matter how eclectic. We love to have them work for us. They even follow some of our weirdness. We want persimmon and Agarita plants left alone. They know we like old growth Cedar and all other trees are to be cared for. In our case, much of our land was hopelessly overgrown with cedar. Selective clearing has provided an AMAZING transformation of the area. The guys have made several trails for us providing access to land that was previously impassable. Opened up pastures to usable area for grazing. One area they call the football field. Their work has allowed us to enjoy our place even more! The last trip for them is a newer machine and seems do much more than the original machine of 2015. We love being allowed to work with them! Rocky has taught us ways to help work more efficiency. We are still learning things. We catch ourselves planning their next visit before they're done with the current one. We really look forward to them coming out and opening our place up for us to enjoy. We gladly give Texas Natural our highest recommendation! The Hotmann's Craig and Maryann

Craig & Maryann HottmanLand Steward
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I am writing on behalf of Carl Brockman, who performed land clearing for Black-capped Vireo habitat restoration for Travis County in February 2004. Mr. Brockman proved to be very professional and demonstrated a great deal of expertise, care and concern during all phases of the project. His understanding of native vegetation and our ultimate goal was paramount in allowing him to often work unsupervised. I strongly recommend his services for habitat restoration or manipulation. If you require any further information. please call me.

Paul FushilleTravis County TNR
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