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What we offer:

  • land restoration
  • selective land clearing
  • trail building services
  • enable and supplement prescribed burns
  • ensure adequate diversity of forest structure and habitat

What sets us apart:

Other companies use out-of-date methods of pushing trees over and creating large burn piles, which can cause other unforeseen problems, such as:

Soil erosion that scars and reduces the value of the land, which is expensive to remedy and pollutes Texas’ waterways.

Burn piles are unsightly and cause sterile soil areas when the concentrated heat kills vital micro-organisms in the soil.

Bulldozers compact the soil as they work and can often result in a 20% or higher mortality rate for trees adjacent to their work zones. Our method leaves soil compaction at less than 3.5lbs per square inch. (less than the average human footprint)

The advantages are clear!

Whether its new trails you desire, need to increase the forage area on your property, or craft more a native looking vista, Natural Texas Forest and Land Management can implement a landowners’ exacting vision while ensuring a healthy Texas landscape for generations to come.

Natural Texas Clients

(The clients are seated on a custom designed bench by our contractor, Rocky. See more of his artisan tree bench designs!)

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I am writing on behalf of Carl Brockman, who performed land clearing for Black-capped Vireo habitat restoration for Travis County in February 2004. Mr. Brockman proved to be very professional and demonstrated a great deal of expertise, care and concern during all phases of the project. His understanding of native vegetation and our ultimate goal was paramount in allowing him to often work unsupervised. I strongly recommend his services for habitat restoration or manipulation. If you require any further information. please call me.

Paul FushilleTravis County TNR
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Believe it or not, the clearing that you helped me with has been holding well. I have had it shredded a couple of times and the grass is really taking hold. Now have about 20 good sized pecan trees beginning to branch out as they now have access to sun and space. Looks like a well kept orchard. Thank you again for a great job and for staying in touch. May all your jobs turn out as well as mine did. Jim.

Sommerville, Texasread more