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Carl Brockman

Carl Brockman

Our Philosophy

We here at Natural Texas are awed by the eons of nature's work that has shaped the Texas landscape. Our methods work in harmony with nature's own course and although thoroughly modern, are informed by and in continuity with, the millennia of land knowledge gained by Native peoples.

Our client’s desires match our own in striving to preserve our native Texas land heritage of clean air, clean water, healthy wildlife, and fertile soil. We respectfully request the opportunity to work with you!

Meet The Owner

As an Austin native, Carl Brockman has always been passionate about preserving the natural landscape of Central Texas. Carl is an ISA Certified Arborist with more than twenty years experience helping landowners maximize the potential of their property.

Mr. Brockman is formally trained in prescribed burn management and wilderness firefighting, as well as educated in wildlife management. Through Carl’s experience and vision, Natural Texas can increase the productivity and value of your land.

What We Offer

Land Restoration & Preservation


 Urban sensibilities & Rural Praticality 

Selective Land Clearing
Select the Best & Mulch the Rest  
And Many More!

What Sets Us Apart

Other companies use out-of-date methods of pushing trees over and creating large burn piles, which can cause other unforeseen problems, such as:

👉Soil erosion that scars and reduces the value of the land, which is expensive to remedy and pollutes Texas’ waterways.

👉Burn piles are unsightly and cause sterile soil areas when the concentrated heat kills vital micro-organisms in the soil.

👉Bulldozers compact the soil as they work and can often result in a 20% or higher mortality rate for trees adjacent to their work zones. Our method leaves soil compaction at less than 3.5lbs per square inch. (less than the average human footprint)

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