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Natural Texas Landscaping

Our goal is to work with nature and use what is there to enhance the beauty and value of your land. We are not the company to call if you want to bulldoze your land and create a pond or a mountain. We work with landowners in Texas to provide Natural Landscaping services. Our certified arborists can manage the trees in your yard all the way to the 500-acre ranch that needs help with Oak Wilt or Cedar removal.

We approach the practice of natural landscaping by focusing on restoring or protecting plants that are adapted to the Texas climate. Ideally, these plants are also pest resistant and drought tolerant, because Texas native plants have adapted and evolved to local conditions over thousands of years. While we don't do landscaping in the traditional sense, we do work with your property to remove unwanted trees and brush, help protect soils and restore habitats for native plants to regain a foothold.

By focusing on native, natural landscaping, we are able to provide suitable habitat for native species of insects, butterflies, birds, deer, turkey and other wildlife. The more biodiversity your property has, the more you provide a better complex network of relationships between animals, fungi and microbes. They are the foundation of their native habitats and ecosystems, or natural communities.

In addition to mulching the trees and brush that would normally be hauled off or burned, we take the natural material from pruning and tree removal and create rich mulch for use around garden areas and in creating nature paths. It’s this attention to detail and the environment that sets Natural Texas apart from the rest. Call and have us give you a comprehensive site evaluation

About Carl Brockman

An Austin native, Carl Brockman is passionate about preserving the natural landscape of Texas. Carl is an ISA Certified Arborist, formally trained in prescribed burn management and in wildland firefighting, educated in wildlife management, and has more than twenty years experience helping landowners realize their properties’ potential. Through Carl’s experience and vision, Natural Texas has the ability to increase the productivity of your land, as well as its value.


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