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Sensitive Brush Removal for Site Preparation

Brush Removal for Site Preparation

Natural Texas offers several benefits in brush removal for site preparation compared to bulldozing or clearcutting.  Our equipment does less site damage because it protects the ground with lower ground compression and because we use rubber tracks and our equipment does less damage on finished surfaces like paved driveways and streets. In addition, this reduces the threat of damaging and threatening the health of preferred trees on the property by protecting the roots of larger, order mature trees. It is a common problem on a site to protect the trunk of the tree but damage the exposed roots with heavy equipment such as bobcats and bulldozers with metal tracks. 

Our certified arborists can help you protect valuable assests your land already has. It is common knowledge that healthy, mature trees have been shown to increase the value of property by more than 10%. We use state of the art forest mowers along with expert arborists to protect your investment while preparing your site for construction, expansion and even improving access. Brush removal should be done with care and understanding of the native animals that depend on it for food, shelter and habitat. We help you achieve your goal, naturally. 

Natural Texas also uses a Firewise approach to brush removal for site preparation, increasing protection from potential wildfire damage by:

  • Removing the need for burning brush piles
  • Eleminating brush piles as fire hazard
  • Creating safe fire lanes to reduce the spread of fire
  • Making the property accessible in case of fire.


About Carl Brockman

An Austin native, Carl Brockman is passionate about preserving the natural landscape of Texas. Carl is an ISA Certified Arborist, formally trained in prescribed burn management and in wildland firefighting, educated in wildlife management, and has more than twenty years experience helping landowners realize their properties’ potential. Through Carl’s experience and vision, Natural Texas has the ability to increase the productivity of your land, as well as its value.


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